Are those pallets needed urgently? Would express transport be too expensive?

SMART PALLET is the only answer. Loading, transport and delivery on the same day with saving up to 60%

In any company, the logistics manager is always urged to do more or less the same things:

1) Use the cheapest haulage companies.
2) Avoid express delivery services like the plague.

2y2The reason for the latter is obvious:
they are much more expensive than normal transport.

With dedicated transport services, a single client has to cover all of the costs and this may have an unsustainable impact on product prices.
Using express delivery for pallets can cost up to four times more than groupage services.

Therefore, it is clear why dedicated vehicles are only used when it is absolutely essential.

Nonetheless, people can be disorganized, moulds break, clients change their plans and in general Murphy’s law means that production problems can arise at any time.

As a result, every day hundreds of fast vans prevent hugely expensive standstills by making punctual deliveries of the parts and items required throughout Italy and Europe.
While the transport costs are high, without the express deliveries the economic impact would be even greater.

smart pallet en

Once these vehicles have done their duty, it goes without saying that they have to go home.
Why should they head back empty when they could make another delivery on the return journey for a very reasonable price?
This is the thinking behind Smart Pallet, the only service to offer economically accessible deliveries on the same day as collection.