Do you have special requirements for your transport/shipments? (regarding matters such as rates, prior notice, timing or service)

If you have to deal with these matters frequently, or even just occasionally, the good news is that they no longer need to cause you problems or stress.

Of course most shipments and transport jobs go reasonably smoothly.
Businesses can count on a huge range of competing haulage companies and forwarders who can offer outstanding rates and decent service.



However, if you are an expert in the field, you will have already learnt to your cost that difficulties, dangers and risks lurk within a certain proportion of transport jobs and shipments, especially when the clients and/or projects are vital for your company.

It’s Murphy’s law: if there is even a small chance of something going wrong, it will go wrong.
Furthermore, you will have noticed that competition between suppliers is not always enough to produce the best quotes.

For example:

– With FTL jobs,
how hard is it to reduce rates and keep them low?
– With air/sea freight,
how tough is it to get reduced and certified transit times?
– If you suddenly find that you need something transported urgently,
what are the risks of a late delivery for you?

At SI Express, the entire team is made up of professionals who specialize in dealing with these matters.


Here is what our four brands do in practical terms:

– With Twin Route, we cut your FTL rates for Europe by 8% to 15%.


– With Smart Pallet save of up to 60% and still deliver your pallets on the same day.


– With Top Cargo, we reduce your customs examinations by up to 90%,

the transit times for shipments by air by up to three days
the transit times for shipments by sea by up to 10 days.


-By January 2015, we had successfully completed more than 520,000 urgent shipments with Non-Stop 24 and My Personal Courier.


P.S. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you had a provider of solutions like these among your suppliers?
Hundreds of companies have already registered with Si Express in advance, so that they are ready for when they need to use our services.

What are you waiting for? Being prepared to face logistics issues of all kinds will not cost you anything and it will prevent you from being exposed to potentially huge risks.