Are you a self-employed truck driver who specializes in urgent transport?
Are you tired of companies that pay you badly (if they pay you at all)?

It’s time for a change. Get paid after 30 days and issue invoices twice a month. Work for big companies and travel regularly, with full return loads.

Hardly a day goes by without capable van drivers coming round to ask us for work.

But if they are so capable, why are they looking for work?

NonStop24While they do an excellent job by grinding out the miles and arriving punctually, they let themselves down in another, equally important aspect of their jobs:


This is the story of Pavel, who came for an interview with us not too long ago:

I heard that your rival XXX offered good rates per mile and I went to offer my services. They said that they were impressed with the size of my curtainside van and they got me to do some test journeys. When they saw that I was always quick and punctual, they started giving me lots of work. As soon as I got home, they would send me straight out again. I thought that I was onto a good thing, but I was wrong.

To start with, they would pay me 60 days after the invoice date, although they were always a few days late. Then it turned into 90 days, then 120. . I had to make countless phone calls and go to see them in person to ask to be paid. It felt like I was begging for money, even though I had earned it. They didn’t understand, or rather they pretended not to understand, that to deliver their goods I had to pay for fuel, motorway tolls, mechanics, tyres and leasing up front and in cash.

It got to the point where I realized that they were using me like a bank. So now I’ve spent nearly all of my savings and I have no intention of forking out in advance for any more expenses. I quit, I left it all in the hands of my lawyer and I have no idea when I’ll get my money back.”
“Why did you come to us?”
I asked him.
“I know that you’ve got big clients and lots of work, but I don’t want to take any risks this time. I asked other drivers what they knew about your reputation for reliability and prompt payments. Then I asked my accountant to find more specific details about your financial standing and payment habits. I paid for the information but it was worth it because I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.”

“What did you find out?” I asked him curiously.
“Well I came to see you, didn’t I!” he said in reply.

John is now one of our leading drivers and we give him our most delicate jobs.
If Pavel’s story sounds all too familiar or you would simply like to improve your working conditions, maybe you should click on the link below.

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