Do you need a shorter, certified transit time?
(Reductions of up to three days by air and ten days by sea)

Do frequent customs examinations slow down your business? (Cut them by up to 90%)

TopCargo-AereoNowadays, big companies that send numerous shipments by air and sea try to reduce their transport costs as much as possible in order to keep their products competitive.

Fortunately for them, there are lots of forwarders on the market – including some big, important names – who try to outdo each other with increasingly competitive rates.

They do this by striving more and more to consolidate goods from different clients and using the cheapest air and shipping lines, with fewer flights/voyages and more stops.

However, all of this is at the expense of a factor which is sometimes indispensable: SERVICE.

The delivery times get longer, the chance of snags of all kinds increases and the information provided is less detailed and less accurate.

TopCargoIt is not always a huge problem if deliveries are delayed by a few days, but you never know how long it will take. Will the goods be late by two days, three days, four days or more?

Can you run this risk with all of your shipments, or are there some exceptions?

Maybe you will never need it, but it is worth bearing in mind that Top Cargo can reduce customs examinations for the goods that you import/export by up to 90% and offer shorter, certified transit times:

– Reductions of up to three days by air.
– Reductions of up to ten days by sea.

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P.S. Nobody else can match us, which is why numerous companies register Top Cargo as a potential supplier in advance, even if they have yet to use our services.

Even if they never end up using them, they know that they have guaranteed access to our top class services without having to spend a penny.

What are you waiting for?